Introducing Vegreen Raw Materials


Used by Australian aborigines
for thousands of years


A magical herb from wound healing to natural toothpaste

For centuries, Indigenous Australians have valued the benefits of tea tree. 

They have regarded the river where tea tree leaves naturally fall as "magical water." 

Harnessing the essential oil, extracted by hand-crushing tea tree leaves, 

they have used it as a potent disinfectant and antibiotic against infectious diseases.


The strong vitality that grows well even if the stem is cut off


Tea tree thrives in marshy habitats, exhibiting resilience.

Its remarkable wound-healing abilities made it a valuable resource during World War II, 

particularly for treating wounded soldiers.



Furthermore, tea tree possesses a bactericidal effect that is 13 times 

more potent than that of phenol, 

rendering it beneficial for addressing a multitude of skin issues. 

In addition to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, 

it proves highly effective in acne treatment due to its low oil content




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