Brand Story

All Vegreen products are meticulously crafted to prioritize the essential process of moisturization, vital for effective skincare.

In today's world, it's crucial to pay close attention to the ingredients in cosmetics. As our skin is precious, it's essential to prioritize checking cosmetic ingredient lists and taking necessary precautions.

Promise01 To Cultivate Beauty

Safe and Effective Skincare Ingredients

Our skin is smart.
It has the power to self-renew.

However, if the skin loses moisture, it loses its balance.
Our skin's natural ability to retain moisture is strongest
in our 20s and gradually diminishes as we age.

The best way to preserve youthful-looking skin is to prevent dryness.
Moisturizing prevents the unwanted effects of skin dryness, including skin roughness.

So Vegreen considers and researches moisturizing methods suitable
for all skin types so that the skin does not lose its balance.

Promise02 Don't sacrifice anyone

Our Small Sction Bring Miracles

At VEGREEN, we are one with the earth,
always seeking ways to coexist sustainably
for the long haul.

VEGREEN is committed to stories that are harmless to the Earth
and will strive to engage in actions that respect all forms of life.

We are dedicated to promoting eco-friendly practices and showing respect for all forms of life.
As part of this commitment, we are continuously seeking ways to create positive impacts such as:

1. Sorting waste properly and recycling effectively
2. Choosing reusable tumblers, not disposable cups, to reduce single-use plastic.
3. Eco Bags over plastic ones for a greener alternative.
4. Using Natural Detergents.
5. Opting for Public Transportation.

By embracing these small yet consistent steps towards sustainability and
meaningful alternatives, VEGREEN pledges to be a part of the journey
towards a world where all life is cherished and the Earth is preserved.