Introducing Vegreen Raw Materials


energy of the earth
wild yam


Wild yam containing the nutrition and fertility of the land

Yam, native to East Asian countries is a vine plant historically utilized 

for both medicinal purposes and as a substitute 

for staple foods during periods of famine.

It is said that during China's Sui Dynasty, 

the king recognized yam's effectiveness, 

earning it the title “mountain medicine,” 

while its exceptional medicinal properties also led to 

its nickname “eel from the mountain”.

"Mucin," a natural compound present in yam, 

contributes to the viscosity. When Mucin is applied to the skin, 

it fills collagen gaps in the skin's dermal layer, 

promoting elasticity, moisture retention, 

and a brightened complexion.

Vegetable (Wild Yam) Mucin ensures skin hydration through 

efficient moisture retention, 

effectively strengthening the skin barrier.

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