Introducing Vegreen Raw Materials


A wonder drug called
the elixir plant


A medicine that has been valued for a long time

Since ancient times, the Reishi mushroom has earned 

the title of "the elixir plant" and has been esteemed as a precious medicinal resource.

The saying goes, 

'If you place a Reishi mushroom on the face of a deceased person, the individual will be revived,' 

attesting to its perceived miraculous properties. 

Renowned for its anti-cancer, immune-boosting, and antioxidant effects,

the Reishi mushroom has earned admiration throughout history.

Legend has it that Qin Shi Huang, who sought immortality, 

sent people to Korea and Japan to find the Reishi mushroom, the elixir plant.

Our focus centered on the adaptogenic properties found in Reishi mushroom. 

Adaptogens, acknowledged in ancient Indian and traditional Chinese medicine, 

serve as tonics by controlling imbalances and enhancing energy levels. Specifically, 

they alleviate skin fatigue and strengthen the immune system, 

leading to improved skin health.



Reishi mushroom's beta-glucan component 

exhibits outstanding antioxidant properties, 

effectively slowing down skin aging. Additionally, 

it provides excellent hydration, 

contributing to skin moisturization and health.


Extracted meticulously over an extended period,

Reishi mushroom works to enhance and safeguard the skin barrier,

nurturing its innate ability for self-renewal.


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